1,600+ veterinary client education articles at your fingertips - build compliance and loyalty with ClientEd Online

Why choose LifeLearn’s ClientEd Online for veterinarian-written pet owner articles?

  • 1,600+ illustrated client education handouts online and available 24/7
  • Over 170 articles are available in Spanish
  • Customize and brand to your practice in seconds
  • Personalize for your clients so they easily grasp recommendations
  • Print, email, and upload to your practice website in a snap
  • Integrate into your management software with ease

Drive understanding and compliance with the biggest and best veterinary client education system.

Thousands of your colleagues trust ClientEd Online. Why? It’s the industry’s largest pet health library, giving you and your clients access to over 1,600 handouts and 40 HD videos at your fingertips. It supports client education across your practice 24/7 — for message consistency that reinforces your recommendations.

Modify any ClientEd article to your liking quickly and easily, to be shared with clients via print, email, website links, and even through your own practice management system, whether that’s AVImark, Cornerstone, Infinity, or ALISvet. No more wasted time hunting for information.

ClientEd Online delivers distinct advantages:

  • Branded for your practice. Easily add your logo and contact information to any handout or web article.
  • Veterinarian-written. Every author brings a qualified industry perspective. Most are board-certified veterinarians and pet health specialists.
  • Easy to find. Enter any topic in our search feature to find all relevant handouts.
  • Easy to edit. Open any article and make edits to suite your practice’s philosophy or culture.
  • Easy to distribute. Post articles on your website, print them for in-house client conversations, share them on social media, or email them directly from the portal.
  • Current. Receive two new articles on a relevant topic each week.

Written by veterinarians and fully integrated to help promote greater compliance.

Pet health education that creates loyalty.

All of LifeLearn’s client handouts have been professionally written and updated by practice experts and reviewed by practitioners to bring you the most up-to-date high-quality client information.

What you can expect from each article:

  • Accessible, easy-to-read formats like question and answer.
  • Key points are easy to identify and relayed with reader-friendly language.
  • Color images in every article including medical illustrations, photographs, and line drawings to enhance and reinforce understanding of the condition.
  • LifeLearn ClientEd Online keeps you organized and up-to-date with what’s new, and which articles the most popular within your practice and within the whole veterinary user community.
  • The system keeps a record of the edits made, including the date of the edit and who in your practice has made the edits.
  • The easy browse feature allows you to quickly find information in multiple ways.
  • The “What’s New” section will also alert you to articles that have been updated and added to to the library.