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I use free client handouts from the drug and pet food companies, why would I need this service?
LifeLearn has over 1,600 professional client education articles, so almost every condition or situation has an article that will suit your needs. LifeLearn articles are thorough, completely unbiased and offer more detail than a pre-printed one pager. Every article will have YOUR BRAND (practice logo and contact details) on it and you can professionally customize the information, rather than resorting to crossing out information and scribbling in your specific comments. Finally, LifeLearn's ClientEd Online stores all the articles for you, even your edited and preferred articles, until you need them ... think of the cupboard space you will free up!

How will my practice benefit from having an ONLINE client education service?
ClientEd Online...

  • Keeps your practice current

  • Allows for consistent messaging

  • Stores the articles for you

LifeLearn actively manages the library of client education online keeping you and your practice up-to-date with current, professional articles added regularly to the library. No more waiting for the publication of CDs or printed handouts.

The advancement of an online client education service provides you with the added flexibility to edit the handouts as you wish and to ensure consistent messaging of those articles across your computers and website. In addition, the system allows you to show, print or email the edited or customized handout to your clients.

As all of your client education is housed on a LifeLearn server, you do not require additional hard drive space of your own, you do not need to worry about losing information as it is protected (in multiple ways through professional mirroring and back-up systems in multiple geographic locations) and you can access your library of client education anywhere you have internet access. And the library is always there for you to access - whether you have a Mac or PC computer system or even when you change computer systems.

Do my clients use this website?

The articles in this website are for you and your vet team to PROVIDE to your clients in multiple ways. ClientEd Online gives you the tools to create just the right article -  branded to your clinic, customized to your philosophy and personalized for a specific client. Then ClientEd lets you choose how you provide the article to your client - in print, via email, posted on your website, and/or printed with the billing information.

Your practice should be the main focus! The aim is to have your clients coming back to your clinic and website for up-to-date pet health information - not to LifeLearn's website. (And if you do not have a website, LifeLearn can set one up for you - we've been developing and hosting veterinary specific websites since 2001).

I don't have the internet at my practice OR I only have one computer on the internet at my practice and it is not in a convenient place.
Until you have access to the internet in other locations (consider a wireless network, which is very inexpensive and easy to set up), you can download client handouts you use frequently into PDF documents and store in other computers for quick access, or print the ones you use all the time and have them available where you need them.  For those articles that you don't have stored locally or pre-printed, you can access them later and send to the client by e-mail. 

PLUS ... if you have a compatible management software system, the handouts will be integrated into your computers, and you can access them within your regular terminals as necessary.  And remember this service includes a Pet Health library link on your own website that will also have all of the articles, so you can refer clients to your own website for the same information! If you do not have a website, LifeLearn has a service to get you a veterinary centric website online quickly and easily (we have provided this service since 2001, and host hundreds of websites.)

I always give my clients verbal explanations, isn't that enough?
Unfortunately in today's world, with more and more litigation, one is always well advised to give important information in writing, for legal protection. HOWEVER, there are many great benefits to giving out an educational piece at every appointment:

  • Ensure Understanding. As pet owners are often overwhelmed during a veterinary visit or telephone discussion, take-home information allows the client to absorb the information in a relaxed state at a later time. With ClientEd Online the article can be emailed directly to the pet owners' house.

  • Effective Consistent Communication. Having client information available as a print-out for take home, in e-mail form, or on the practice web site, covers all the bases of communication, and allows for consistent messaging. The more often information is seen, the more effectively it is retained, understood and followed.

  • Reinforce Your Brand. Your practice name is reinforced and emphasized every time a handout goes out, which means your name will be mentioned more often to others, and your practice will grow through no-cost referral.

  • Professionalism. You will be viewed as running a highly professional veterinary practice by having prepared, well-written and up-to-date client information available for every situation.

  • Value. You will be giving your clients tremendous value by having customized professional client information on almost every topic available to them in-clinic and on your web site.

  • Build Loyalty. You will be viewed as a very caring veterinary team by always providing your clients with the most up-to-date information possible.

How will I know what has been updated and when?
As a subscriber, you will receive email announcements of additions and updates.  Once you have logged in, the "News & Updates" section will feature any new information about the service including new and updated articles that have been added to the library. The "View Articles" page will always have the last 10 articles added or updated. In addition, you will be able to search for articles most recently updated (last 7 days, month, year).

I currently have LifeLearn's Client Handouts on CD-ROM. How different are the online versions?
The articles are now all more current and have a fresh new look! All 842 small animal articles from the 2005 version have been thoroughly reviewed by the authors, with the addition of new factual information, new client-friendly wording and a fresh look for increased ease of comprehension. Many images and illustrations have been updated or replaced.

Over 500 additional small animal articles have been added to the library! And LifeLearn hasn't stopped there - as a subscriber to ClientEd Online, you will regularly continue to receive new or updated articles. Now no more waiting for the next CD version, and if there is a change in current thinking, our authors can update on the fly.

My practice is for cats (or equine) only. Do I have to subscribe to receive all the articles?
ClientEd Online has three subscription levels: Small Animal, Feline and Equine. To see the complete list of articles available, go to "About ClientEd" and select "Content - Topics & Titles". Within the complete list of articles (Small Animal ) there will be subheadings for the Feline or Equine list of articles.

To subscribe to either the Feline or Equine series, when you register online thru 'Join Now', you may then choose the subscription level (Small Animal/Feline/Equine).

If I edit the handouts - how can I be assured that they will not be overwritten by new updates?
LifeLearn understands that the information you have added to a handout is crucial to you and your practice. Be comfortable knowing that with any new updates or changes from LifeLearn to articles that you may have already edited or customized, those articles will not be overwritten until you chose to do so.

How do I print/email a handout?
It is as simple as clicking on the button 'Print' or 'Email' (and typing in the email address).

We have made enhancements to the ClientEd Online system to improve the appearance of documents when printed. When you are printing an article it will now first open as PDF document. In the 'Share This Article' section of the system, select 'Print'. Add comments if desired and select 'GO'. A PDF dialogue box will appear in a new window -select 'Open'. The document will open in Adobe Reader. Select the print option, and you're done!

When I require an article, I need to have if fast!
ClientEd Online makes finding an article easy and quick. The most commonly used articles in your practice will be listed for quick access (by clicking on the title). Articles may be searched by simple keyword search or by using advanced search features for more specific needs. Past searches may also be viewed. You may also browse articles by topic, species or system. When you view an article, related articles are also listed to provide further assistance in finding just the right information.

What is the benefit of having multiple users of ClientEd Online?
Individual users can save their own searches and bookmark their favorite articles for quick recall upon logging into the site. Also there are three types of users with different permissions which allows your practice to protect and control the integrity of the content.

I've decided to subscribe to ClientEd Online. What do I do now?
To subscribe to ClientEd Online, click here and fill out and submit the registration and payment option pages. You will receive confirmation of the subscription order with immediate access to the free trial (user name and password provided). You will be granted access to the complete library, once payment has been confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact LifeLearn:

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