In the course of an appointment at Seaside Animal Care, we have our appointments structured so that staff utilize every second.  Packed into our appointments is time to gather history, obtain diagnostics, perform examination and most importantly provide client education.  The ease of being able to obtain the latest and most reliable educational information from LifeLearn ClientEd Online at the click of a mouse enables our staff to quickly and efficiently provide our clients with the next level of care for their pets. LifeLearn ClientEd Online bridges the gap between practices and client, providing educational information to the client making them part of their pet's health care team.  More specifically to us, the ability to personalize and e-mail client education to our clients speaks to our philosophy of being a paper-lite practice and our commitment towards being a "green" practice.

Gina Toman, Practice Manager, Seaside Animal Care


ClientEd Online makes it easy to zero in on the exact article I'm targeting, and I like the fact that customizing the handouts does not remove the originals. The articles are reader-friendly, and easy to email or print for clients. I especially liked the What's New section - making it easy to keep up with changes, and the User Account section - where I can impose restrictions on editing if I want.  Having the option for a small number of accounts - even in a large practice - allows us to save money during these tough economic times. I would definitely recommend ClientEd Online to other practitioners!

Dr. Robin Downing, Windsor Veterinary Clinic P.C.


"We invested in the LifeLearn client handouts immediately when we learned of them. Our practice has a strong belief in client education. The handouts support and endorse this perfectly. We use the handouts either when pets are diagnosed with a condition which is quite complex for the client to understand or when pets are booked in for an operation. Clients can refer to the handouts to confirm information which may not have been taken in during the consultation, they are well written and presented and this helps clients to understand what has been advised and why, together with the importance of following the prescribed measures. We believe the greater our client understanding the more likely they are to act on and follow the advice we have given!"

Carole Morrison, Practice Manager, Abbey Veterinary Group


"Our practice sees a real value in client education. Prior to investing in the LifeLearn client handouts we were either photocopying information from books which was time consuming and did not look professional, self creating information which was extremely time consuming or using information from drug companies which can tend to be biased. The LifeLearn client handouts are both practice and client friendly. They are professional and unbiased and save us an awful lot of time in the practice searching for, or creating information for our clients. Perhaps of equal importance, clients seem to be very pleased with the information provided and see this as an added service from the practice."

"Investing in LifeLearn client handouts has definitely paid off for us, both in terms of staff time management and client relations. On the basis of our experience I would certainly recommend these handouts to other practices."

Stacy Burleigh, Practice Manager, Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital


"Without fail we use the LifeLearn client handouts every day - in fact I do not know what we would do without them!  We use them in response to telephone queries, in clinics at puppy parties, for hospitalized pets and where clients are either confused or keen for more information."

"Prior to investing in the LifeLearn client handouts we would photocopy information from books for our clients.  This information had no link to the practice, looked unprofessional, was too technical and may have caused some confusion and therefore caused the clients additional worry. The LifeLearn client handouts are professional, colorful, laid out in a nice way and easy for our clients to understand. They provide good general information which does not conflict with consultation advice and they cover all the options available always referring back to the veterinary practice."

"They save us an enormous amount of time because we can provide professional, unbiased information, at the touch of a button, plus they are very much appreciated by the clients and this helps build a greater client/practice bond."

"They help with compliance. If clients know and understand why they have been asked to do something then they are more likely to do it!  Plus the handouts include information on the consequences of not doing it!  Also if you only see one member of a family and rely on them to explain a regime to the rest of the family it can end up being like Chinese whispers. However, with the client handout for everyone to refer to, you stand a much better chance of everyone following the same regime and doing it properly!"

"They enable the practice to "pitch for additional services" as an example, at the first vaccination you can give the client information about micro chipping, etc."

"During a 15 minute consultation there is so much for clients to take in, plus they are often very anxious about their pets and so even less able to process and understand what they are being told. Being able to provide the client with good quality information in a handout means that you can structure your consultation time and use it more effectively."

Nadine Fletcher, Veterinary Nurse, Summerhill Veterinary Centre


"LifeLearn client handouts enable us to give our clients something tangible. Talking is not tangible and it is good for our clients to be able to walk away with some physical evidence that they have been to the vet other than the bill! Then they feel they are getting more from the practice - a better service!"

Steven Hen-Boisen


"For us the LifeLearn client handouts are a huge time saver! They are well written, easy for the practice to use and clear for our clients to understand. We use the handouts either in response to telephone queries or post consultation to help explain things to the client. The handouts are particularly useful for the behavioral cases, which can be quite multifaceted and complex. Overall we believe the handouts help improve our client service, build client relations and ultimately bring clients back through our door!  I would certainly recommend the LifeLearn client handouts to other practices."

Mollie Chambers, Practice Manager, Anna House Veterinary Clinic